For over 500 days from the referèndum d'autodeterminació de Catalunya: what scenarios to expect at the end of the precarious "calm after the storm"?

Andrea Previato


ABSTRACT: Relations between Catalonia and Spain in recent years have been characterized by a succession of accusations, clashes and constitutional fractures. The culmination of this institutional conflict, which culminated with the unilateral declaration of Catalan independence on 27 October 2017, determined for the first time in the recent Spanish constitutional history the application of the art. 155 C.E., as well as the call for new general elections in Catalonia. Today this conflict, although the tones have subsided, is still unresolved. Also in relation to the establishment of a new parliamentary majority in the Spanish Parliament, this essay aims to indicate possible and hypothetical solutions to the question, not without first addressing a brief report on the main recent events of the Catalan secessionist project.

KEYWORDS: secession; right to decide; right to self-determination; referendum; federalism.

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